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Dear Community, we are nearly finished with recovering all data, because some users could not resist logging in and messing up with our database. This has taken us back in our time schedule.

Please, dear community, if we make an announcement: PLEASE DO NOT LOG IN, then really refer from logging in. If you have invested after 07/04/2018, please send your transaction-id (TXID) and corresponding email adress to [email protected] and we will verify your investment.

These issues made us come to the conclusion that we are going to delay the transformation to new backoffice. It's now scheduled to end of next week at earliest. We will make a new announcement on our front page and on telegram.

Failed referral commissions will be booked afterwards. Thanks

Feel free to join our Telegram Channel for updates: https://t.me/Profitminerofficial

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Your profit will be credited every 24 hours and it’s your choice when you want to withdraw your funds.

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Your initial capital will be released after 6-12 months, depending on the investment plan choice.

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